Friday, August 8, 2008

Back to school - my longing to be home is even greater

The kids have been at Grandma's this week so Dad & I have been using this time to get the house in order & get our school supplies/curriculum pulled together.

I've also been using this time to think about changes that I want to make in my life & how to get there. The main point being - I've been saying since my eldest was born that I wanted to stay home with him. He's 8 yrs old now, so my question for myself this week has been - "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR"!! Ok, can you tell I really needed a kick in the tail?!

So, what am I doing about it? Besides my full time job in an office four days a week I'm an Independent Consultant with The Pampered Chef to bring in some more income. I chose this because I love the products & love telling people about them. You will soon realize that when I find something I like, I love to share it with others. Working for The Pampered Chef lets me get paid to share something I love. How awesome is that?!

Another thing that I've been doing is learning from others. I love to find articles to read online, listen to teleseminars, read books from the library, etc. Now it's time to put it all into action. That is what I want this space to be about, the action that I'm taking to get to my goal.

I listened yesterday to Carrie Wilkerson give a talk on "What is Your Why". Your "why" is something that will motivate you above all else. My "why" is definitely being able to stay at home with my children. This is something that I wanted even before I was ever married - to nurture & teach the children that God gave me. There is nothing more that I want in the world than to be able to watch my kids grow up, to show them how important they are to me & to help them learn both academically & spiritually. My heart hurts when I have to leave when they are sick. It puts my stomach in knots when my youngest cries & begs me not to go to work. I feel so guilty when some days I miss seeing them entirely because I go in early & leave late. This is my "why" that I'm focusing on. I'm taking action to make a difference in my life.

What about you? What is it that gets you all choked up & ready to succeed at all costs? Discover what it is, focus on it intensely & let's succeed together!


Urban Cottage said...

My why is the same as yours. I left my full time job at Motorola, Computer Systems Division 18 years ago to be a work-at-home mom. After trying a couple of ventures, I was able to replace my full time income with Pampered Chef in one year. You can do it too and see your dream realized. Hang in there, it only gets better - Tahni

The Barefoot Executive said...

I am passionate about being home with my kids (4 of them) and also about helping couples adopt financially! I'm more driven to do that than anything else I know!

Thanks for sharing!

Carrie Wilkerson
The Barefoot Executive